Getting cozy with cell phones and feedback


Adam, Emlyn, Julie and I (Rebecca) met tonight to debrief about No There There 2015, and to just talk about art — no shop talk allowed. BART delays foiled Julie’s physical presence, but as you can see, that didn’t stop Adam from snuggling with her.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the agreement of those present that Hatchlings are in a unique position to give feedback on one another’s work, especially as we see more and more of it and increase our familiarity with each other’s processes and preoccupations.

Figuring out how best to frame, give and receive that feedback is an ongoing process, though! Feedback is also such a gross word… And for many of us, conjures nightmare images of onerous post-show talkbacks. Maybe we need to create our own lexicon…

That said, we managed to feed back to each other tonight whilst swilling Martinelli’s sparking cider (courtesy of Emlyn’s awesome husband) and plenty of laughter. It’s always difficult to make time for this sorry of thing, but we’re always glad when we do.


Hello World!

We are HATCH. We’re a collective of nine artists creating new performance. We formed in late 2013 and produced some exciting work in 2014. Now we’re making the plunge from a Facebook Page into having an Actual Website. Here it is. Welcome.