Nichele, Christy, Emlyn, Lili, Casey, Adam, Julie, Mads and Rebecca

What is Hatch?

We are a group of art-makers and performers from various backgrounds: dance, theater, music, improv and more. We call ourselves Hatchlings.
Sometime in the fall of 2013, some of us found ourselves at the top of a small hill on the corner of Paris and France and told each other what was taking up space in our heads. Amidst laughter and good food, we imagined bringing new art into the world together.
We come together with a shared passion for devised work, meaning performances that are generated by the artists and ensemble in a collaborative way. Because we are all so different, we celebrate and learn from each other’s unique aesthetics by creating a communal performance laboratory, in which each member is given the opportunity to develop their work with the support of the group. When we gather, we offer workshops to the group in our areas of expertise, we perform in or attend each others pieces, and we show each other our work and receive comments and ideas. We try to experience each others’ work in as many ways as possible, believing that rubbing elbows in this way encourages interesting, sometimes unexpected collaborations.
Hatch is a performance collective rather than a theatre company, a forum for all of our differing aesthetics to mingle, for us to empower each other, riff off of each other’s work, and challenge each other to develop individually and collectively. Our primary focus is to create a strong artistic community that can support our individual and collective work now and into the future.

Hatch History

In March 2014 we presented “No There There,” a one-day-only site-specific performance event at an apartment building in Oakland. We met at the building that morning, and created five performances and one installation during the course of the day. We led tours of the collected works multiple times throughout the evening, with live music and of course food and drink.
In April 2014 we presented “Hatch: A Festival of Devised Performance” at the Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco. The “festival” included seven original works each curated by a Hatchling, and featuring other Hatchlings as well as non-Hatchling performers.
After coming together to produce our first “festival” of new work in 2014, we decided to continue producing Hatchlings’ work in a wider variety of ways. The 2015 Hatch Festival kicked off with our annual fundraiser, No There There, on February 28, at Joaquin Miller Park; like the first No There There, we created 6 performances in the course of one day, with the participation of 6 Hatchlings and 6 additional guest artists.
The 2015 Festival continued with Hatch Resides Here in April, a collection of site-specific works performed in a private home in San Anselmo that ran for four performances. In May, we presented Duo Solo at PianoFight in San Francisco: a double-bill of solo performances by Emlyn Guiney and Julie Katz.
In May 2016, Hatch again came together in a mode of spontaneous creation, devising works for the Fort Mason Firehouse during the San Francisco International Arts Festival. These mostly site-specific performances were presented by means of a tour around and outside the building — including the nearby fire escapes, carved sculptures, and docks — and collectively named FireHouse/WatersEdge.

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