No There There / February 2015

No There There 2015

February 28, 2105

Hatchlings gathered at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland on Saturday, February 28, 2015 for No There There 2015, a one-day site-specific performance-making event. After collaborating and devising during the morning and early afternoon, we invited a small audience to witness what we’d created during the day. Like last year’s No There There, we led the audience on a tour of the small performances that happened sequentially throughout the park. The weather was threatening all day — rain was predicted, we got a few drops, and it even hailed nearby — but we took our chances and the ominous clouds made for a spectacular sunset backdrop to the end of the performance tour.

Participating Hatchlings & Guests Artists:

Curators: Lili Weckler, Rebecca Longworth, Nina Sarnelle, Christy Crowley, Emlyn Guiney

Performer/Collaborators: Lili Weckler, Hannah Wasilewski, Julie Katz, Robb Godshaw, Nina Sarnelle, Amy Cranch, Susan Pfeffer, Emlyn Guiney

Special thanks to photographers Heather Mann and Melina Meza.

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