Hatch Resides Here – tech rehearsals

Today we gathered in San Anselmo to rehearse Hatch Resides Here… putting all the pieces together for the first time to get a sense of how the entire evening will flow. There’s a lot of exciting work, from an installation in the bathroom, to a solo for a homing pigeon. Here’s a link to tickets.

Nicky takes a snapshot of Emlyn's "psychiatric practice."
Nicky takes a snapshot of Emlyn’s “psychiatric practice.”

Some pieces occur at designated times, while others continue throughout the evening…

Nicky and Jessi rehearsing their hallway duet
Nicky and Jessi rehearsing their hallway duet

Between performances, audiences can explore visual and interactive installations, have a drink, or enjoy delicious treats from Vive La Tarte.

Lili and Hannah rehearsing
Lili and Hannah rehearsing

We hope you can join us at our house / installation / performance this weekend! Reserve your place here.


No There There 2015

Hatchlings gathered at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland on Saturday, February 28 for No There There 2015, a one-day site-specific performance-making event. After collaborating and devising during the morning and early afternoon, we invited a small audience to witness what we’d created during the day. Like last year’s No There There, we led the audience on a tour of the small performances that happened sequentially throughout the park. The weather was threatening all day — rain was predicted, we got a few drops, and it even hailed nearby — but we took our chances and the ominous clouds made for a spectacular sunset backdrop to the end of the performance tour. Photos on this post by Melina Meza.