HATCH: A Festival of Devised Performance / April 2014

The first ever HATCH Festival of Devised Performance was held April 24, 26 & 27, 2014 at Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco.

We premiered seven original works curated by Hatchlings. Both Hatchlings and guest artists served as co-creators, collaborators and/or performers on each piece. Casey Van Portfleet composed and performed original music for many of the pieces. Click here to learn more about each piece.

Guest collaborators: Melissa Kaitlyn Carter, Amy Cranch, Sonia Decker, Lisa Drostova, Julie Douglas, Sarah Genta, Anya Kazimierska, Amy Moon, Soren Santos, Addie Ulrey

Stage managers: Diane Leo, Mike Feinberg

Photography by Serena Morelli. Videography by Mark McBeth.